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Are your trees ready for a storm?

Storm damage tree

Are Your Trees Ready for a Storm?

Tornadoes, hurricanes and even the wind from an average thunderstorm can push a weakened tree over making it hazardous to your family and home. The following are some things to consider:

1. Limbs that are hanging over your roof – As limbs grow, they become heavier and potentially dangerous. Horizontal branches and those with weak joints are more likely to cause roof damage.

2. Dead limbs – Dead or dying limbs often fall in a windstorm. The longer the rot continues, the more dangerous it becomes.

3. Leaning – A tree leaning over your home or driveway can be a hazard even without a storm. Let a professional determine the strength of the tree’s root system and the likelihood of it falling given its particular species, angle of the lean, and size of the trunk and canopy.

4. Hollowness and Decay – A barely visible hole in the trunk can indicate large internal cavities. Even a minor wind can cause it to topple.

5. Proximity to Utility Lines – According to the Tree Care Industry Association, any tree that has limbs within 10 feet of overhead lines should be considered hazardous.

6. Dense Canopy – Thinning a canopy to allow air penetration can prevent your trees from toppling in a windstorm. Wind passes through instead of taking a tree with it.

Our professional estimators at Beaver Tree Service, LLC can help you assess the storm-readiness of your trees. Give us a call today for your free estimate.

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