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Compare Credentials





Price is important when it comes to tree removal or trimming and pruning; but is it all important? Shopping with price makes sense when buying certain products, but when it comes to services such as tree removal or tree trimming and pruning, what you actually get can widely vary for the exact same job. Taking the lowest tree service estimate without considering other factors can certainly cost you more in property repairs, many headaches and even lawsuits. Please weigh all the following critical factors as you choose a tree service in Coffee, Dale, Geneva and Houston County:
1. Is their Certificate of Liability Insurance provided on their website?



2. Can they provide a License and Bond upon request?



3. Do they offer a property protection promise on their website?



4. Do they have decades of experience and knowledgeable estimators?



5. Do they provide professional verbal and written communication?



6. A drug free workplace?



7. Do they have stellar online reviews?



8. Have they received Angie’s List super service awards?



9. Do they have references from local businesses on their website?



10. Are they a Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating?



11. Do they provide tree care resources on their website?



12. Do they accept all major credit cards?

At Beaver Tree Service, LLC the answers to all of those questions are yes. We are a company that you can rely on to handle all of your tree service needs. Just ask around, people will tell you that we have the knowledge, skill and equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently. Contact us today for your free estimate.


Office: (334) 347-6119


Cell: (334) 379-2549

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