Do you look forward to curling up next to a crackling old-fashioned fire during the winter? Do you use a wood fireplace to help heat your home or shop? Do you look forward to building a fire on your camping trips? Whatever the situation Beaver Tree Service, LLC offers top quality seasoned oak firewood.


Oak is abundant in the US and is considered one of the best species for firewood. Dried properly, it can produce a very slow burning and hot fire. Like other hardwoods, oak is difficult to ignite, but you’ll be rewarded once it is burning with an intense, sustained fire. We recommend using 4 to 7 sheets of newspaper and dry kindling when building your fire.


Our oak firewood consists of only oak and no other hardwoods mixed in. The oak is properly cut and split into 15″ – 18″ lengths, at least 6 to 9 months in advance to achieve naturally seasoned wood that is ready to burn.


Beaver Tree Service, LLC will deliver a pickup load (about 2/5 of a cord) to the Enterprise, New Brockton, Level Plains and Daleville, AL areas. Give us a call when you’re ready for your firewood delivery.


Office: (334) 347-6119

Cell: (334) 379-2549

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