Tree Removal

Humidity, rainfall, a warm climate, all make it possible for our beloved trees to grow healthy and strong.  However, sometimes the weather extremes can cause detriment for our trees and tree removal is something that at times can’t be avoided.  There are diseases and other environment issues that can cause a tree to die.  Here are some warning signs to be on the lookout for:


· Trees with signs of decay in their trunks or roots 

· Potential uprooting trees could have a mound around the trunk area  

· Trees with a heavy lean towards a structure

· Dead, diseased or dying crown of the tree

· Check the bark for cracks, splits or discoloration

When a tree goes into decline, it can become a hazardous situation rather quickly.  Trees that are in close proximity to people and structures can pose a serious threat – especially in a windstorm.  Hazardous trees must be removed that endanger people or structures.


Many trees fall on structures and automobiles each year in Enterprise, AL, Dothan, AL and the surrounding areas.  If a tree must be removed, residential home owners and commercial property owners should rely on professional tree service companies that have the proper experience and are fully insured to handle tree removals.


Whether your trees are in serious decline, unstable or have been damaged from severe weather, Beaver Tree Service, LLC is the Enterprise, AL, Dothan, AL tree removal company that will assess the damage and provide the solution you need.


Tree removal is a complex job.  Attempting to remove your trees on your own can be costly and dangerous.  There are many different elements to consider before a tree can be removed:


· Identifying utilities to avoid unwanted damage

· Assessing potential dangers to people, homes, yards and vehicles 

· Taking necessary safety precautions

· Scheduling road closures and controlling traffic

· Coordinating with power companies


In the photos shown below, you will see some of our tree removals and ground work.  To see more examples of our work in action and the equipment we use, please visit our photo gallery and video page.

Tree removal is a talent and specialized skill that takes tree climbers years to achieve.  Our specialists have the experience, tools, equipment, knowledge and skill to remove your trees safely.  Call Beaver Tree Service, LLC today for your free consultation.


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