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At Beaver Tree Service, LLC, we know the kind of dangers that can result from having overgrown trees, so we work hard to be the Enterprise, AL, Dothan, AL, tree service company that you can rely on to maintain them. Limbs and branches that are not properly trimmed can interfere with power lines and cause costly damage to your roof or home.


The Beaver Tree Service, LLC team specializes in caring for your trees so that you don’t have to.  Enterprise, Dothan and the surrounding towns and communities are located in an area that is most prevalent to storms and extreme weather patterns.  Alabama’s generally warm, humid climate results from its mid-latitude location and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.  This location produces the often turbulent weather patterns that regularly bring tornadoes and hurricanes to the state.  This formula of people and trees living together creates the necessity for tree services and tree removal.

24 Hour Emergency Service


During a storm, it is very common that a tree can topple over or uproot and fall on a house, structure, vehicle, or powerline.  In the case of an emergency, home owners need professional tree service companies that they can rely on.  Beaver Tree Service, LLC…Read more

Tree Removal 


Humidity, rainfall, warm climate, all make it possible for our beloved trees to grow healthy and strong.  However, sometimes the weather extremes can cause detriment for our trees and tree removal is something that at times can’t be avoided…Read more 

Tree Trimming and Pruning 


Trimming trees and shrubs helps ensure safety, promote plant health, and maintain beauty. But improper pruning can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to improperly heal, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most…Read More 

Stump Grinding


Using state-of-the-art equipment, the team at Beaver Tree Service, LLC can effectively grind your tree stumps to a mere pulp. Tree stump grinding requires heavy machinery coupled with the right experience and skill…Read more

Firewood Delivery


Beaver Tree Service, LLC is known for providing our clients with high end firewood.  We custom cut firewood for all occasions…Read More


Any job we do for you we will always remove and dispose of any and all the debris.


One of our main focuses is your client satisfaction. When you count on us to care for your trees, we’ll provide you with:


· Precision Tree Care
· High-Quality Work
· Excellent Customer Service
· Affordable Rates and Pricing


Give us a call 24/7 for your free tree service estimate.


Office: (334) 347-6119

Cell: (334) 379-2549

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