24 Hour Emergency Tree Service



Living in the south we have all experienced, seen or heard of the devastating after effects of hurricanes, tornadoes or thunderstorms.  During a storm, it is very common that a tree can topple over or uproot and fall on a house, structure, vehicle or power line.  When brute force winds come along with wet saturated grounds, trees are bound to fall over.  Emergency tree service is very dangerous, especially in slick and wet conditions during or just after a storm.


In the case of an emergency, home owners and businesses need professional tree service companies that they can rely on for 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service.


Nature is unpredictable, but you can count on Beaver Tree Service, LLC to be timely, knowledgeable and reliable.  We offer a 24-hour emergency service and we are available when you are in need of this critical service. 


With generations of experience in the careful, professional removal of storm damaged trees, Beaver Tree Service, LLC is a company you can depend on to get any tree related project done safely and efficiently. 


Below are some key ways that professional tree removal can help with storm damage:

24 hour emergency tree service

Safety First

It’s very important to embrace the safety and security that comes from hiring a professional, experienced tree removal service.  There are safety factors to consider in storm cleanup, including dangerous electrical systems or loose limbs that could potentially fall and cause further physical damage.

24 hour emergency tree service

Avoid Further Damage

Don’t compound your misfortune of having a tree fall on your home by having an amateur remove it potentially causing further damage.  Call a professional company that has the experience, skill, insurance and proper equipment to handle storm damaged trees and cleanup.  It’s best to use companies who either own or have access to cranes with certified operators.  Beaver Tree Service, LLC specializes in emergency tree service and have experienced professionals to handle the dangerous work.  We’re open 24-hours.

Get back in your home faster tree service

Get Back In Home Faster

We know you want the cleanup process to take place as soon as possible so that you can get your home and life back in order.  Professional tree removal services can help with fallen limbs, tree removal, grinding stumps and quality cleanup so that you can get past the storm damage and focus on the renewal of your home.

The Beaver Tree Service, LLC crew is a well-trained, talented team with state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and safely remove even the largest trees and stumps, while protecting surrounding vegetation and property.  Give us a call 24/7 for your emergency tree service needs.


Office: (334) 347-6119

Cell: (334) 379-2549

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