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Every tree is different and the goals for each customer and their trees vary.  Beaver Tree Service, LLC’s professional estimators can provide recommendations for tree trimming and pruning based on the specific tree needs.  We follow the guidelines of ANSI A300 industry standards for tree trimming and pruning.


Most trees are best to prune just before bud break however, it’s generally ok to prune trees anytime during the year.  We recommend having your trees trimmed or pruned before you run into a problem.  Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring tree cutting services in Enterprise, AL and Dothan, AL during the winter time:

Reduce Disease Risk

When trees are dormant and without leaves or other foliage, an expert can easily identify and get rid of any dangerous, diseased or dead branches.  This can prevent disease from spreading throughout the tree and to their trees in the area.  Trees heal better when they are dormant before the foliage grows back.

Tree Trimming and Pruning
Save Money

Because there are no leaves on the tree, it’s easier for a professional to prepare for trimming.  The debris is much less so the cleanup and chipping the tree debris becomes much easier.  This will make the process faster and will cost you less money.  Most tree cutting service prices are low in the winter months since this is a slow period.

Improved Tree Health

Dead branches on your tree can actually prevent it from growing to its full potential.  It can also leave the tree vulnerable to pests and diseases.  By hiring a professional tree service company to remove the dead limbs, you can prevent this damage and improve the overall health of the tree.

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Weather conditions can often cause weak and diseased branches to snap off of the tree.  This can be a hazard to your family and property.  Dead and weakened branches can be blown onto roofs, automobiles and people.  By trimming the limbs, you can reduce your liability and limit the risk of damage.

Better Tree Growth

Trees can withstand harsher winter conditions after they’ve been trimmed.  A professional pruning can help your trees grow stronger roots, which will result in an overall larger, stronger tree and more able to withstand harsh winter weather.

Tree maintenance is very important for the health and well-being of all trees.  In many instances, simple trimming and pruning can make the difference between a tree having a long, healthy life or having the tree removed.  Once pruned, air can breeze easily through the top of a tree requiring much less stabilization and pressure on the root system.  Well maintained trees are a welcome addition to any property and provide valuable shade for housing as well as for parts of the yard.


At times, skirting up of trees can show the beauty of your home.  In other instances, trimming a tree can make it the centerpiece of your yard.  If you are trying to sell your home, curb appeal is very important.  Tree trimming and pruning can make an impact.  Don’t let unsightly trees keep you from getting the maximum value for your home.


If you are having trouble getting your lawn to grow, it may be that your lawn isn’t getting enough sunlight.  Before you spend your hard-earned money on having a new lawn put in or sodding areas under/or adjacent to your trees, consider having your trees skirted up and thinned to allow the preferred amount of sunlight.


The photos shown below are some examples of Beaver Tree Service LLC’s work.


Whether you’d like your trees trimmed for the health and well-being or to showcase your home or business, contact Beaver Tree Service, LLC. Our professional estimators will come and discuss the health of each tree and will recommend the proper action. The skill, experience and equipment we have on hand assures you we can do the job safely and efficiently.



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