Property Protection Promise

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While the best tree companies work to mitigate all damages, the following causes are harder to control:


Dead trees or live trees with rotten centers often break during removal or fall in unpredictable directions.  Or at times a customer is unaware of where a septic tank or sprinkler pipe is buried, making them harder to safeguard.  Shallowly buried sprinkler lines have a high probability of damage when traversed by heavy machines carrying heavy logs or when being struck by high velocity logs as they are felled.


When you’re dealing with unpredictable, extremely heavy objects every day, eventually something will go wrong.  The true test of a company’s integrity is how well they respond under adversity.


Good decision making requires both a clear head and years of quality experience.  Having the right crew and equipment is an extremely important factor.  The Beaver Tree Service, LLC crew is among the highest skilled in the tree service industry in the area, with the owner being the crew chief who has over 27 years of solid experience.  Our climbers and groundsmen have been with our company for several years and have over a decade of experience.  Using the proper equipment is also a crucial aspect of damage prevention.  Our late model equipment is well maintained and is designed to handle tremendous weight without malfunction.


In the rare case that damage occurs despite best efforts and our thorough prevention protocol, we promise to do everything in our power to make things right as quickly and thoroughly as possible with a high level of communication with our customer.  In the highly unlikely case that an insurance claim needs filed, we will do so on the same day.  Whenever possible, we’d prefer to be proactive in getting the repairs done without the delay involving a claim, doing them ourselves or bringing in a reliable contractor.


For example, even though buried well below the surface, the heavy weight of timber can easily break a sprinkler pipe.  If this were to happen, we would likely be able to make the repairs ourselves on the same day or bring in a sprinkler repair company quickly.


Other tree service companies have been known to hide the damage, flee the scene, not answer or return phone calls and generally leave the customers to deal with the repairs.  This is how we’re different.  We promise that none of these things will be true of us.  We will promptly advise our customers of any damage that we cause, be extremely responsive to the situation and communicate with our customers until the situation is resolved to their satisfaction.

Beaver Tree Service, LLC’s Property Protection Promise

Prevent Damage Promise


1. Communicate with customers sensitive aspects of their property.


2. Communicate sensitive aspects of the property with each member of the tree crew.


3. Move whatever can be moved out of harm’s way.


4. Create a plan to minimize damage using the right techniques and access routes.


5. Carry out the work with a highly experienced tree crew.


6. Leave the lightest possible footprint with low-impact equipment.

Repair Promptly Promise


1. Inform customers immediately of any damage.


2. Make repairs immediately whenever possible.


3. Involve any necessary contractors as quickly as possible.


4. Provide customers with regular updates on the progress of repairs.


5. Communicate with customers until the situation is resolved to their satisfaction.

The following example describes a situation where Beaver Tree Service, LLC executed a plan to eliminate damage using the proper technique and access route:

We were called to a neighborhood in Enterprise, Alabama to give an estimate on removing 17 trees.  The homeowners wanted the trees removed to facilitate the installation of a swimming pool.  The owner said that none of the contractors they had spoken with had any idea how to gain access into the backyard.  There was a garage on one side and fill lines on the other.  We solved this problem by putting down 6 yards of gravel for a base then used ¾” decking supported by 2″ X 8″ to construct a road.  We were able to remove all the trees without any damage to the property.

Entrusting your property to others is a very important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  We have no interest in just making a “quick buck” for today.  Our goal is to build trusting, long-term relationships with our customers and protect our exceptional reputation we’ve worked so hard to build for so many years.

Significant customer property damage is even more common in the tree service industry than you would expect.  Often times damages that should have been avoided stem from poor decision making due to inexperienced tree workers.  Inadequate equipment also brings on unavoidable damages. 


In the photo shown below, you will see damage that was caused by a competitive local tree company  working in the Enterprise, AL area that dropped a tree on a house.  Worse yet, the home was in this condition for several months without repair.  A company’s true colors come out when something goes wrong on a job.  It’s very important to check out a tree company’s credentials thoroughly.

Whether you need tree removal or you’d like your trees trimmed for the health and well-being or to showcase your home or business, contact Beaver Tree Service, LLC.  Our professional estimators will come and discuss the health of each tree and will recommend the proper action.  The skill, experience and equipment we have on hand assures you we can do the job safely and efficiently.


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